We develop video marketing strategies for outdoor, culture and lifestyle brands.

We don't just shoot your films, we provide an end to end video marketing service that covers everything from strategy & story development, to shooting the film, and finally prepping your film for distribution & marketing.

 Volta Media Video Production: Pre-Production


When beginning each project we sit down with you to figure out the best direction to head in. We develop a strategy, form the idea, create a storyboard and plan the logistics for the shoot.

 Volta Media Video Production:


Using the plan we developed during pre-production, we begin to produce your film. This involves heading out to various locations to film scenes that will be used in the final film, directing the talent, and crafting the shot.

 Volta Media Video Production: Post Production


This is where the film starts coming together. During this stage we will finalise the project, sourcing the music, completing the edit, and preparing your film for distribution and marketing across different platforms.