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We don't just shoot your films, we provide an end to end video marketing service that covers everything from story & strategy development, to shooting the film, and finally prepping your film for distribution & marketing.




To craft a film that fits your needs and reflects your brand, we need to get to know each other. We take the time to understand your brand, your goals and your audience. This serves as the projects foundation and is an integral part of our process.



Before we start filming, we need to know what story we will be telling. We figure out who the main character is & the emotional connection we want to create with your audience. We will also plan the marketing strategy so that we reach your customers.

Volta Media Video Production: Pre-Production


We will then begin the planning for your film. Writing a script, pre-visualising it with story boards, finding filming locations and scheduling the production and post-production stages.

Volta Media Video Production:


This is where the magic happens. Using the pre-production plan, we begin to produce your film. This involves capturing video, audio & photos on set, that can then be taken into our editing suite.

Volta Media Video Production: Post Production


Post-production is where your film starts coming together. We cut together the picture and sound. Add motion graphics and VFX. Mix the music and sound effects. Then colour process it to look just right.



Your film is ready to go! Well... almost. Using the strategy we developed at the start of the project, we will prepare your film for multiple platforms, creating subtitles & optimising it for success. We can also manage your video content, scaling our involvement as you need.


We believe communication is key to creating videos that you will be proud of. Our project management app will keep you up to date through every stage of our process.