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There are many types of videos that you can use to break through the noise online, with each focusing on a different area of your marketing strategy.

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Promotional Documentaries

Promotional documentaries work great on your website, sharing your story. Whether its an about video for your company or team members, a video looking at your product development, or a video on your process, about videos quickly tell your customers what you stand for.

Customer Case Studies

Case study films take customer testimonials to the next level! They show potential customers what problems your customers have faced, how you solved them, and the results they are now seeing. These are great for building trust with your leads.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are where you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Through giving away free advice or demonstrating use cases for your products/services, you will stick in your leads mind. These are great for promoting your company on social media and boosting SEO.

Social Media Adverts

Using 30-60 second highlights from your promotional documentaries, customer case studies or educational videos, alongside standalone adverts, you will have a great selection of videos that will help raise awareness for your brand.

Case Studies

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