Why Story Matters In Video Marketing

Video creates an emotional connection with your customers.

The stories you can tell through video have a more powerful and longer lasting effect the any other medium.

It develops deep and engaging experiences, resulting in better conversion rates for your business.

It’s All About Story!

People buy from people. Your customers want to know who you are, what drives you and why you love what you do.

Yours and your customers story should be front and centre, based around relatable characters then engage with your target audience.

Producing films that are true to you, your business and you brand will form a personal and emotional connection with your customers.

What Is Your Story?

Many of our clients come to us not knowing what stories they can tell. Thinking that the story of their company is boring, and would not interest their customers.

Every business has a great story they can share.

For example, lets take a medical company, producing medications to help people with chronic illnesses.

What is the story they could tell?

The company director wants to attract new investment into the business, and wants a talking head video with stats and figures, but this doesn’t tell a story. It doesn’t engage. Quite frankly, it is boring, and viewers will tune out.

Alternatively, they could produce a short documentary, sharing the story of one of the patients that benefits from their medication.

Instantly, you have a main character with a relatable story. Someone suffering from a chronic illness, whose life is improved by the medication this company creates.

Through sharing the story of this person, the problems they face in life, and how this product helps relieve and solve those issue, you will have a film that engages and builds emotion within the viewer.

Which film do you think would do a better job of showing what the company does and the problems it solves?



Story is ingrained into the human experience. It helps us to learn, it connects us and it inspires us.

Using stories in your video marketing strategy is the number one way to increase brand awareness, educate your customers and increase sales.