The Video Marketing Funnel & Why You Should Use It

The video marketing funnel is the best way you can educate your customers about your products or services.

There are four stages involved in the video marketing funnel; Awareness, Consideration, Decision & Retention.

We are going to have a look at each of these stages, what they mean, and how you can utilise them in your marketing campaigns.


1. Awareness

The awareness stage is all about promoting your company, products and services, in order to attract prospective customers.

The videos you publish for this stage could do a variety of things, such as;

  • Teaching people how to do things relating to your product/service, providing them with free value.

  • 30-60 second adverts/promotions for your products/services.

  • Interviews with other industry leaders, sharing their opinions on current topics.

For example, if you are a headphone company, you could release a 30-second advert showing people wearing your headphones in a variety of different environments, and completing different tasks.

Another example would be a sales consultancy producing videos on a variety of different sales techniques.

2. Consideration

The next stage is the consideration stage.

Once you have gained interest through the awareness stage, you should then publish videos that explain more about your company, products or services.

These videos provide your prospective clients with more details about who you are and what you do.

Videos you could produce for this stage could be;

  • Short documentaries about your company, products & services.

  • Product demonstrations showing the different use case for your products.

  • Client testimonials, highlight what other customers think of your product/services.

3. Decision

The third stage is the decision stage. This is where you close the deal.

These videos need to be crafted in a way that helps to push purchasing decisions.

Some examples of decision videos include;

  • How to and explainer videos, breaking down how to use your product/service

  • FAQ videos for your products and services, helping to quickly answer any questions your potential customers may have

4. Retention

Finally, we have the retention stage. This is all about getting your customers to return.

You can achieve this by regularly releasing videos in the Awareness, Consideration and Decision stages.

Through doing this, you will keep your company, products and services in front of clients.

Optimising your video marketing strategy to these 4 stages can set your video campaigns up for success.

The more you do, and the more value you provide to potential customers, the better this strategy will work.