Best Practices For Videos On Facebook

As Facebook pushes further into the video market with Facebook Watch, the social networking giant is poising its platform as a YouTube competitor alongside Instagram TV.

In 2017, Facebook brought in over 8 billion video views each day with over 100 million hours of watch time.

Facebook Video.PNG

Sharing links to videos on other platforms is no longer an effective method for sharing videos, with Facebook favoring videos that are uploaded directly to their platform.

If you want your videos to stand out from the crowd, you need to follow these best practices.



The title needs to summarise your post in less than 65 characters. Make it short, sweet and to the point.



Thumbnails are the first thing users see from your videos when looking at your page. It needs to be eye-catching, while also explaining what the video is about. Bold imagery works best here.

Make sure you upload a custom thumbnail and do not use the auto-generated ones.



The first benefit of subtitles is accessibility. If someone is hard of hearing, then they can still watch your video, with subtitles giving them the information they need.

As with Instagram, Facebook auto-plays videos with the sounded muted, making subtitles a must for letting users know what your video is about.

80% of Facebook users say they are more likely to watch a video if it has subtitles.

Not only are subtitles great for increasing user engagement, it also tells Facebook everything that was said in the video, giving them more keywords to associate with your video, giving it greater chances of showing up in search.



The post that accompanies your videos should be eye-catching and to the point. A quick 1 sentence explanation of the video is all you need.

Don't forget to include a call to action as well, including a link to get the viewer to complete a task. This could be visiting your e-commerce store, signing up for your email newsletter, or subscribing to your YouTube channel.



Tags are another way to increase the videos SEO. Make sure your tags cover the contents of the video, and group them into threes. It needs to be something your potential customers will search for.

For Example: “Video Production Services” “Video Marketing Teesside” “Videography Services Middlesbrough”

Special Tags.PNG


The location tag allows you to ‘Check In’ at your office or storefront, letting people know where you are based.

The people tag allows you to link people and pages that were involved with the video. For example, if you post an interview with an industry leader in your field, then you could tag their professional page.

The product's tag allows you to show what products/services were in your video, giving viewers a way to quickly purchase them.