Maximise Your Video Marketing Strategy Using The Video Marketing Funnel

Your video marketing strategy should integrate with the different stages of the video marketing funnel. This will enable your videos to reach their full potential, increasing user engagement, and conversions.

There are four stages of the video marketing funnel; Awareness, Consideration, Decision & Retention.


1. Awareness

The awareness stage is all about promoting your company, your products, and your services, in order to attract prospective clients.

The videos you release for this part of the marketing funnel can do a number of things. They could be videos teaching people how to do certain things within your industry, interviews with leaders in your industry or 30-60 second adverts for your products/services.

For example, if you are a headphone company, the videos you release could be 30-second adverts of people wearing your headphones in a variety of different environments.

Another example would be a sales consultancy, producing videos going over different sales techniques. 


2. Consideration

Once you have gained interest through the awareness stage, you should then have videos that explain more about your company, products or services. The videos provide more details to the prospective client.

Videos you could produce for this stage could include; Short documentaries about your company, product demonstrations educating customers on use cases for your product, or Client testimonials highlighting what other customers think of your product/services.


3. Decision

The decision stage is where you close the deal. These videos would be crafted in a way that helps to push purchase decisions.

These videos could be How To/Explainer videos that show how clients can use your products/services. You could also produce FAQ videos that cover the most frequently asked questions previous clients have had.


4. Retention

Finally, you have the retention stage, which is all about getting returning customers. You do this by regularly releasing videos from stages 1, 2 & 3. Through doing this, you will keep you company, products & services in front of clients, reminding them of what you offer.

Optimising your video marketing strategy to these 4 stages can set your video campaigns up for success.