4 Tips To Develop A Video Marketing Strategy That Works

In 2005, when online video started to gain in popularity with the rise of YouTube, websites started to adopt video as a way of showing customers the products or services a company offered.

Fast forward to 2018, video has become an integral part of branding and requires you to implement a video marketing plan for it to be successful.

In four steps, you can develop and implement a video marketing plan that reflects your brand, shares your story and excites your customers.

Planning Your Video Marketing Strategy

1. Define Your Goal

What is the purpose of your brand's video marketing? Do you intend to reach new customers? Convert leads? Drive website views?

You need to think about all of the different ways you want video to enhance your brand and define a set plan for each of your goals. While it may seem more cost effective to produce one video that does it all, research shows that having a set video or video-series

2. Select Your Video Types & Styles

Using your goals as a guideline, you now need to figure out what style of video you will be implementing. Will you need actors to tell your story, or will it be documentary style using your staff and customers?

There are many types of video you can produce including customer testimonials, advertising, product/service walkthroughs, informational pieces, stories etc.

All of these should ideally be around 30-120 seconds each.

3. Make The Videos

Can you create these films yourself? Or do you need to hire a company to create them for you? As with your website, logos and other design work, video is a reflection of your brand. generally, it is better to get someone to produce the films for you, as they will have more skills and experience in this field.

They will be able to take you through the process step by step, helping you to craft powerful videos.

4. Distribute Your Content

Now that you have your video, you need to think about distribution. Don't just post your video and expect the world to come. You need to think about where your audience lives and how you can reach them.

With any video marketing campaign, we recommend that you post it to various places - such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

You then want to share the links around, pay for advertising to increase its reach, and keep on promoting it. You want your film to be seen by as much of your target audience as possible.

The way in which you distribute your film is just as important as the film itself.