7 Questions For Success That You Should Ask Before Starting Video Marketing

Video marketing projects can be complex, but they can also have a great return on investment.

If you want your video to be a success, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before getting started.

Who is your target audience? 

Who are you targetting with this video?

Is it business to business? if so, who in that company do you want to reach?

If it is for consumers, which customers do you want to reach?

You need to build up customer personas for each type of customer you want to target.

What is the goal?

Do you want to increase brand awareness? Sell more products? Get more users on your website?

Having pre-defined goals can help shape the success of your video.

Where is the video going to live?

What platforms will you use this video on? Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? You need to know where your customer base is in order to successfully reach them.

Think about the ways in which you can utilise each platforms capabilities.

When is the due date?

Having a deadline will shape your budget. More complex videos can take longer, so if you needed it out yesterday, you may need to rethink the project.

What is the budget?

Video can be expensive. You need to think realistically about your budget. Do some research and take into account the cost of producing the video and then promoting it.

What format will the video be?

Video marketing can come in many forms. It could be live actions, an animation or a live stream etc. Each with their own uses and benefits.

What will constitute success for the video?

What indicators will track the success of your video? Think up several points that you can use.

Set up a document, and collaborate with those involved in your decision-making process. Answer the questions above and you will be on track for success.