5 Tips For Your Video Marketing Strategy In 2018

Videos are now the most powerful content type on social media, accounting for the majority of internet traffic (74% in 2017).

Here are some quick statistics:

  • Facebook & Snapchat both average 8 billion daily video views.
  • People watch 1 billion hours of YouTube per day.
  • When Instagram introduced videos, there were 5 million uploads in its first 24 hours.

We have put together 5 key tips to help your video marketing stand out.

1. Purpose & opportunity

What is the purpose of your video? Do you want to reach more customers? Do you want to educate current customers on how to use your products? What opportunities does this present?

Each video can have a different purpose. You need to figure this out before creating it.

2. Objective

What should your video achieve?

This needs to be measurable. Do you want to have an increase in page visits to your website? Do you want to get more sales?

Think about how you can measure this data, so that you can track the success of your video marketing campaign.

3. Target Audience

Who are your customers? Where can you find them?

You need to have an idea of who your customers are, where they hang out online, and what style of video will work best with them.

Make sure you do some market research and figure out a customer profile so that you can target them more accurately.

4. Attitude

What style & tone should your video take on? Does it need to be informative? Do you want it to tap into your customers emotions?

Different styles of videos work best for different target audiences. Think about what your customers want to see, and make that video.

5. Message

What is the key idea to be remembered?

After watching your video, what do you want your customers to think about your business, products or services?

This is a lasting message that should stick with the viewer.

We hope these tips help you to structure your video marketing campaigns for success in 2018!