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Don't Use Your Phones Camera App... Use This One Instead

Your phones default camera app is not that great. There are a load of alternative apps, but we recommend Moment, an easy to use app that gives you more control over you video.

Izak Jackson

· 2 min read

The camera app on your phone isn't that great, and what you should be doing instead is using a third party app.

Today we're going to talk about the one that I recommend.

Moment is a third party camera app that you can download onto your phone and will really improve the quality of your videos.

On the moment app, you can control your frame rate, the resolution, the colour profile you're using, whether you've got flash on or not.

You can also change your shutter speed and your ISO, which is really, really important for getting exposure.

So what you typically want is 25 frames per second.

In terms of resolution, don't go any lower than 1080p, most people will only watch 1080p footage as they don't have 4K displays. So going with 1080p resolution is probably your best shout.

I also really recommend using the flat profile as opposed to log or default because the flat one just generally has a nicer looking image without the need for color correction.

Your shutter speed needs to be 1/50th of a second, as you want to be double what your frame rate is, and your ISO is the main way of controlling your exposure.

To help you get your exposure,  there's some really great tools here. If you see a red zebra pattern then your shot is overexposed, so pull that down on the ISO until they disappear.

Another tool to help you get exposure is the histogram and this tells you how your image is exposed. So if it's too far to the left, then it's under-exposed. If it's too far to the right, then it's overexposed.

Moment is really great app and best of all it is free so you don't really have much of an excuse to not be using it.

This week's question of the week, what app do you currently use to do your phone videos? Let me know your answer in the comments below.

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