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So this is part two on our series that covers how you can use LUTs in Davinci Resolve.

In the previous part I showed you how to install LUTs in Davinci Resolve, so if you haven’t seen that yet, check it out.

Once your LUTs are installed, how do you apply them to your footage?

Color Correction

Well first off, we need to colour correct the footage to balance out all of its levels. Check out our more in-depth guide here, but to quickly recap:

  1. First, adjust your saturation.
  2. Next, balance the clip using the colour pickers, tweaking the exposure, white balance and tint as necessary.
  3. Then, add contrast to the clip to add more depth.
  4. Finally, add some sharpening to the clip.

Using Your LUTs

Once your clip has been colour corrected, you can then add the look. To do this using a LUT you must:

  1. Add a new node by right clicking and clicking on ‘Add Node’.
  2. Rename this node to ‘Look’ by right clicking on it and clicking ‘Change Label’.
  3. Next right click on the node, go down to ‘3D LUT’ and select the LUT you wish to use.
  4. Finally, come down to the key panel and under ‘Key Output’ reduce the gain until you are happy with the look. Depending on the LUT you are using, you may need to tweak it more than with others. Just remember that the look should not be over powering. With our LUT packs, you typically need to drop this down to between 0.3 and 0.5.

Ok, so that is how you can use LUTs within Davinci Resolve. Just remember that the key is to keep everything balanced, so make tweaks to the different nodes as necessary until you are happy with the shot.

If you want to learn how you can install your LUTS in Davinci Resolve, please check out our other guide. We also have a guide on how you can color correct your footage.

We also have our own LUT pack available at on our store - It comes with 6 different creative LUTs that you can use in your videos.

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