Our First Travel Film

On the 20th May, our adventure begins. We are going to be creating a travel documentary, following myself and a friend, Lucy, as we road trip the Scottish Highlands along the North Coast 500.

Back in December 2016, Lucy and I decided we would venture out into Scotland and discover some of the natural beauty the United Kingdom has to offer.

I am going to be filming the journey and our adventures as we explore Scotlands answer to Route 66.

We are insanely excited to be wild camping and hiking in some beautiful locations.

When I return, the plan is to edit the film and release it as soon as possible. I am also going to be producing a tutorial series on my blog and YouTube channel.

These tutorials will be looking into how I filmed and edited the documentary, what I learnt, as well as giving viewers a rough guide to filming a road trip of their own.

- Izak