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Every year, my University, Teesside University, holds an awards ceremony for the journalism students with guest speakers from the industry.

This year John Sergeant was the speaker. He is a renowned reporter & broadcaster, having worked as the chief political correspondent for the BBC and political editor at ITN. It was great having the chance to meet him.

His talk mainly focused on getting jobs within the industry, with his main advice being:

"Be yourself, but an exaggerated version. Showing personality can be the difference between getting a job or not."

I was unexpectedly entered for an award by one of my lecturers in the 'Blogger of the Year' category, and I won! The award was for the work I have been doing on my filmmaking blog,, where I am sharing my journey to learn filmmaking.

This came as such a surprise and I couldn't be happier about it.

Over the past few weeks, I have been feeling inspired. The work I have been doing over the past two years has started to pay off. The more good news I get, such as winning this award, motivates and inspires me further.

I have many projects on the go that I cannot wait to get out into the world. It is keeping me very busy!

I would like to thank my lecturers for their support over the past year. Seeing them take an interest in the work I am doing has boosted my confidence, and I know I am doing the right things for my career.

I would also like to congratulate the other students who also won an award.

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Izak Jackson

Specialising in documentary filmmaking, I have a passion for sharing real world stories.

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