SWEARS: Subliminal - Music Video

We produced a music video for Teesside based punk band SWEARS.

The Problem

SWEARS were looking for a video that caricatures the ideals modern society projects onto us. Looking at the way social media, advertising, TV and other forms of media subliminally tell us how we should act & what we should do.

The Solution

We developed a story that followed a male and a female over the course of a day as they got ready to go on a date. We used a cinematography technique called a Snorricam to give us an invasive, up close and personal look as they go about their day.

The Result

The end product is a film that looks at the polarising ways in which different genders are controlled by the society we live in.

Volta Media are a great company to work with and the end product is always amazing. We highly recommend them.
— George Louca | SWEARS