Pendraken - Video Branding

We created the video branding for Pendraken, a Teesside based war games miniatures manufacturer.

The Problem

Pendraken came to us looking for help with creating a visual identity for their soon to be released educational YouTube channel. The videos will all be about their miniatures and how their customers can assemble and paint them.

The Solution

Using their logo and branding as a starting point, we created two logo reveals, one for for each of their brands, as well as a watermark, lower thirds design, endscreen design, thumbnails and YouTube channel branding.

The Result

The end product is a collection of video branding assets that represents their brand aimed at their target audience.

Volta Media were professional, helpful and efficient throughout the process. They provided excellent video advice which we’ll be using over the next year to promote our brand.
— Leon | Pendraken