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We have all seen these videos - someone talking about their products and services, sat in front of their office window, in a loud and echoey room, shakily holding their phone in front of them.

These are the types of videos that encourage your customers to scroll on.

It is really easy to avoid creating these low quality videos using these two smartphone accessories, and changing the angle of your camera.

First, let’s look at stabilising your videos to get rid of that shake.

Manfrotto has this great mini-tripod and phone clip that allows you to easily clip in your phone and get your framing.

Not only does it help to stabilise your handheld footage, it also allows you to sit it down on a surface for even steadier shots.

Best of all, this is a really low cost accessory, costing just £26 on Amazon - I'll put a link below the video.

Now to fix the lighting.

Instead of sitting with the window behind you, turn around and have the window in front of you.

This gives you a large, free light source that will instantly give you better lighting.

Alternatively, you could pick up a cheap SoftBox or LED panel from Amazon, and create a make shift set at your desk.

Finally, let’s look at audio.

It sounds silly, but audio is actually more important than the video quality in your video.

People can sit through low video quality, so long as the audio and content are good.

The microphones on your phone are omni-directional and pick up sound from all over the room, so you want to invest in a directional microphone, such as this, the RODE Video Mic Me.

If you have an iPhone, go with the lightning version, and if you have a headphone jack, go with that one.

This will dramatically improve your audio quality, focusing it more towards you.

You can pick this up for around £40 to £60 on Amazon, depending on the version you go for.

I love using these bits of kit, and use it to shoot a lot of our behind the scenes content on shoots.

It’s quick and easy to set up, and produces great results.

Again, I’ll link to all of the products mentioned in this video down in the description.

Question Of The Week

This week’s question of the week is, do you make DIY marketing videos with your phone?

Share your answers in the comments below.


Manfrotto Phone Mount:

Soft Box:

LED Panel:


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