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Facebook has recently updated the way it ranks video content on its platform, preferring videos over other content.

They are now giving higher priority to original video content that delivers on viewer intent, repeat viewership and longer watch times.

Your videos should hold viewers attention for at least 60 seconds, and it will prioritise videos that are at least 3-minutes in length.

Any videos that are click bait or seem to be content mills churning out videos, will be dropped to the bottom of the priorities list.

Facebook has updated its guidelines on its website with more information on what you need to be doing with video.

Facebook Now Prefers

Original Videos

They will boost original videos that hold the viewers attention for 60 seconds, and are at least 3-minutes in length.

Regular Content

If you release regular video content, such as once per week, Facebook will boost these posts, giving you more reach.

Strong SEO

Search engine optimisation is important for all online content, and now Facebook is taking this seriously. you need good SEO.

Authentic & Meaningful Engagement

Prompt your viewers to engage in the comments section by asking them a questions. The more authentic and meaningful the engagement, the more people will see your video.

Post Bonus Content

Supplement your video throughout the week with more posts, photos, quizzes & livestreams. The more bonus content you have, the better.

Facebook is looking to overtake YouTube as the biggest video search engine in the world, and these steps towards prioritising original content are going to be major for businesses on the platform.

Do you have a well thought out video marketing strategy that utilises the power of Facebook video? Let me know in the comments below.

Learn more about why you should use DIY videos in your marketing strategy.

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