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The most important metric for your website is average session duration. The higher this is the more engaged your audience is.

How do you boost the time customers spend on your site?

Videos are now pretty much everywhere. Both businesses and users are posting them on social media every day, but one place businesses tend to neglect is their website.

If I told you that by putting targeted videos on your website, you could boost customer engagement and increase lead generation, would you do it?

Last year, Forbes reported that the average user spends 88% more time on a website that has video. This fact alone proves that video is a highly engaging form of content that your customers love.

Lead Generation software, Optinmonster, recently published research showing that video marketing generates 66% more qualified leads per year. This highlights how vital it is to use video in your marketing strategy.

Using videos that educate customers on your products, services and industry, alongside case study videos, will build trust, captivating 95% more leads on your website.

Video has become the strongest tool in your kit, and is vital for businesses looking to grow. Remember, whether its DIY or professionally made, video without a strategy won't get the results you desire.

Have you used videos on your website? Share your answers in the comments below.

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Izak Jackson

Specialising in documentary filmmaking, I have a passion for sharing real world stories.

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