ICL - Meet Our People Documentaries

We produced a series of documentaries for ICL Boulby, a North Yorkshire mine that produces natural fertiliser products.

The Problem

ICL Boulby were after a series of talking head films that could help build public relations with the local East Cleveland community, demonstrating what it is that the company are doing at the mine.

They wanted the films to focus around their employees and what it was like working at the site.

The Solution

After our first few meetings, we decided to produce documentaries, instead of talking heads, as this would allow us to go into more depth and show the full breadth of what it is like working at ICL while demonstrating what they do at the mine.

The Result

The end product was two short documentary films, as well as 10 1-minute highlight pieces to be used in their social media marketing campaigns.

Since finishing this project, ICL Boulby have brought us back to regularly produce these documentaries, highlighting the different employees and the areas they work in.

The team at Volta Media have a clear passion for film and this becomes even more evident in the work that is produced. They are knowledgeable, professional and produce quality work.
— Ethan Martin, Director | Lab Rat Creative