SWEARS - Righteous Din

Project: SWEARS - Righteous Din [Music Video]

SWEARS are a punk band based in the North East of England.

Project Scope

SWEARS came to us looking for a post-apocalyptic themed music video for their single, Righteous Din.

The story we ended up going with followed a group of raiders looting an abandoned warehouse for supplies.

The project took 3 days to pre-produce, developing the idea, crafting the story, scripting and storyboarding, as well as finding the perfect location for the shoot.

We then spent 1 day on location to film the music video, shooting the band's performance and the video's narrative.

The post-production took a couple of days, piecing together the story, editing the beat and colour grading the final product to look and feel like a post-apocalyptic world.

Volta Media had a good understanding of what we were looking for. They are fun and easy to work with.
— Joel, Vocals/Lead Guitar | SWEARS