SWEARS - Lame Wizzard

Project: SWEARS - Lame Wizzard [Music Video]

SWEARS are a punk band based in the North East of England.

Project Scope

SWEARS came to us looking for a music video for their single, Lame Wizzard. They wanted something that was light-hearted and cheesy, to contradict the more serious tones of the song.

We ended up going for a B-Movie style story, following a guy who begins to learn that he has magic powers, ultimately becoming the 'Lame Wizzard'.

This project had a quick turnaround involving two days of pre-production - developing the story, planning the scenes and organising the set design.

We then spent two days filming. The first was for the narrative portion of the film, and the second was of the band performing the track.

We had a fantastic time with Volta Media! They listened to what we wanted and added some great ideas, leaving us with an end result we couldn’t be happier with. Professional, creative, and a pleasure to work with!
— Joel, Vocals/Lead Guitar | SWEARS