Seagate Barracuda Pro - The Best Comes From Within

Project: Seagate - The Best Comes From Within [Advert]

Seagate are a computer manufacturer.

Seagate was looking for a short advert for their new hard drive, the Barracuda Pro.

They tasked ourselves plus 50 other filmmakers to create an advert from the perspective of a filmmaker, drawing on why they make films and the qualities they need, referring this back to the qualities of their hard drive.

We ended up producing a film from the perspective of our company director, Izak, and why he makes the films he makes for both himself and our clients.

We are very pleased to say that our film placed in the top ten of submissions.

The advert Volta Media made for us was really very good!
— Jim Meadows, Managing Partner | We Are Commit
This film made good use of music, and took a truly original approach to the brief. Nice job!
— David Beebe, Judge | We Are Commit