We Are Volta Media

We help brands share their stories and excite their customers through documentary, educational & promotional films, developing & implementing a video marketing strategy that increases brand awareness and sales.


(n) the turn in thought or argument.

In January 2017, we founded Volta Media to help businesses like yours share their authentic voice.

Our video production & marketing services provide you with an end to end service for your video marketing needs, and cover story & strategy development, project management, video production and optimising the videos for distribution & marketing.

We care about our clients, and are passionate about helping you grow as an industry leader. Nobody should have to experience bad marketing strategies that don't get results and waste time. We operate with full transparency, practicing open communication every step of the way.

This is how we produce marketing strategies that get results.

The Team

Currently we have a small team consisting of our director, Izak Jackson, and some freelancers that help out from time to time.

Izak Jackson


Specialising in documentary filmmaking, Izak has a passion for sharing real world stories.

Could this be you?

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We are always on the lookout for freelancers we can work with, get in touch with your showreel!


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